General Information for Parents/Carers:


Clothing & footwear

Your child will be playing and climbing and riding and painting...please dress them in clothes that can withstand play. 


Clothes should also allow easy 'toilet' access for your child.


We usually have outside play time whatever the weather, so a coat in winter and a hat in summer are required. We also ask that children leave a named pair of wellies at preschool so that they are always on hand for rainy days and water play!


Shoes must be flexible/soft soled - plimsoles, Flossies, Doodles are great. The shoes should be of a style that stays on when running/climbing.




Snacks & Lunch

For children attending our morning sessions they will need to bring a healthy snack in a named container.  In accordance with Government Guidelines this should be a piece of fruit or vegetables.  Snack time starts at 10:15am when we will also provide milk or water to drink.


If your child is attending for lunch, you will need to provide lunch in a named lunch bag/container.  We provide milk or water or you can pack a carton of drink in with their lunch.  Lunches are stored in our fridge.


If you are giving your child grapes - please cut these in half to avoid the risk of choking. We also operate a 'no nuts' policy.

The pre-school is proud to hold a 5 star rating from Environmental Health regarding our Food Hygiene.


Little Acorns Pre School t-shirts and sweatshirts are available to order but are not essential.  Please speak to a member of staff or send us an email for details.


We also have 'school' book bags.

My Nametags

My Nametags produce name labels which are perfect for children’s items at home and in the school.

For details on their products and prices, please visit

For every order of personalised labels for children’s clothing and equipment, My Nametags will contribute 24% to Little Acorns Pre-School. Please help us to return lost clothing and support our fundraising efforts by placing an order for labels with My Nametags.


When placing an order, our School ID is 84086

What to bring with you...

Apart from your child's snack/lunch there are a few essentials we need every day...


  • A named water bottle

  • A full change of clothes - including socks

  • Nappies/wipes - if your child wears nappies

  • A sun hat in summer

  • A coat in winter


These can be stored in your child's bag and hung in our cloakroom the days they attend.