Preschool Teacher and Students

Key Workers

"Each and every child will have their own Key Worker to support and document their skills and growth".


At Little Acorns when any new child enrolls in our sessions we assign a specific Key Worker to them.


Your child's Key Worker will be your point of contact, documenting in your child's online learning journal (Tapestry) their emotional, social and skill set growth.


This online journal notifies you of any new entries and allows you to view your child's progress at any time, along with being an excellent source of information for learning what your child has achieved over the past months. 


Regular meetings with your Key Worker are encouraged to allow you the opportunity to discuss your child's growth, observe them at play in the sessions and discuss any issues you may have.  It is also an opportunity to request emphasis in particular areas you feel you would like your child to develop.


Your Tapestry account also allows for two-way communication between you, your key worker and the staff at Little Acorns to pass notes about your child as needed.