Summer Term Topics

Numbers Game

The summer term has a lot planned - with our annual preschool outing to Godstone Farm, the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and our sports day!

We will be looking at nature and focusing on bees and flowers.  

Our school leavers will start our 'getting ready for school' programme and hopefully some of their new teachers will come in and visit us.

Tuff Tray Activities


We are starting to explore ‘the curiosity approach’ at Little Acorns. Bringing a variety of activities that aren’t traditional toys, that are open ended and allow children to create their own play, encouraging greater use of their imagination. Here we have a selection of logs and bark for the children to explore. There is lots to talk about, texture, shape and size. Do they roll? Can you stack them. We can’t wait to see what games the children create!


Wow this activity looks fun! 
This activity encourages the children to practice their fine motor skills and build up hand strength by using these clever scissors or their fingers to pick up the pasta and rice and deposit it in the cups. By using numbered cups we are encouraging number recognition and counting 1 for 1 as children try to put the matching number in the pot.


In this activity The Night Garden characters are set out to encourage conversation around prepositions - 
‘Upsy Daisy is on the blocks’ 
‘Iggle Piggle is hiding behind the blue block’
‘Macca Pacca is under the green blocks’

Of course the children will also use their imagination to create stories with these fun characters!